Always Wear Gloves While Cleaning These Things At Home In Kitchen And Bathroom


House Cleaning Tips: It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the house (Hygiene maintenance tips). After all, home is the only corner in the whole world, where we see our life, fill colors in our dreams and gather the courage to fulfill these dreams. Home is our protective shield, an ocean of our emotions and everything for us. Taking care of the cleanliness of the house and taking care of the hygiene of the house are two different things.

Anyone who manages a house knows how much time and energy is required to actually maintain a house. In our society, the responsibility of taking care of the house rests mostly on women. In such a situation, the hands of women often become dry and rough during cleaning. To avoid this, some women use gloves while most do not. But there are some things in the house that you must wear gloves while cleaning. These are being told here…

1. Oily Pots: The utensils in which vegetable or deep fried dishes are made, there is a lot of grease in them. To remove it, the vessel has to be rubbed a lot and also has to be washed with hot water. By doing this, the pot shines, but the brightness of the hands fades. Therefore, it is right to clean oily utensils by wearing rubber gloves.

2. Kitchen Sink: Bacterial growth is very rapid in the sink you use to clean dishes. Because not only utensils are washed in it, but vegetables, milk packets and other things are also washed and after washing all these things, we do not wash the sink. This is the only time, when the bacteria get time to grow. In such a situation, whenever you clean the kitchen sink, then wear gloves made of rubber.

home bathroom: In the matter of cleanliness, two places in the house consume a lot of time. These are the kitchen and the bathroom. Wear rubber gloves whenever you clean anything in the bathroom, from the Bosch basin to the floor. Because most bacteria, viruses and germs flourish in the bathroom.

Why is it necessary to wear gloves while cleaning?

  • During cleaning of any unhygienic place, bacteria or germs can live in your nails and the skin around it, which cannot be cleaned properly even after washing hands. After growing, they can become the cause of infection.
  • When you use a cleaning detergent, it absorbs the moisture from the skin of the hands and makes the skin dry, lifeless.
    Some cleaning detergents are too harsh, which can damage the skin. For example, cuts, irritation or allergies etc. In such a situation, hand gloves protect you from all these problems.

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