Asia Cup: Team India’s style of playing changed due to a defeat from Pakistan, now strikes the opponent with the first ball



India-Pakistan match in Asia Cup will be held on August 28
India’s style of playing T20 changed under the leadership of Rohit-Rahul
Now Team India is winning more T20s batting first

New Delhi. Opponent Pakistan, Battleground Dubai… A year ago, this equation had given Team India and its fans an unbearable pain. Then India had to face defeat against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. Due to this one defeat, India’s journey in the T20 World Cup ended early. After the dismissal of Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul in this match, Team India went on the back foot and played defensive cricket instead of aggressive throughout the match. As a result, despite scoring 151 runs, he had to face defeat by 10 wickets. This one defeat forced the Indian cricket team to think about a change in the way they play T20 cricket.

Now Team India will face Pakistan again this Sunday with the new captain and coach. This team will not be much different from last year’s T20 World Cup in UAE. But, his style of playing T20 cricket has changed completely. After that one defeat from Pakistan, the Indian team now strikes the opposing team in T20 with the very first ball. Its effect is also visible now. The team which was the best in the run chase in the era of Virat Kohli-Ravi Shastri. Even in the era of Rohit-Rahul, Team India is winning chasing the target. But, now Team India is giving sleep to the opposing teams even while batting first.

Team India’s style changed after T20 World Cup

From the time of Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli from 2020 to 2021 T20 World Cup, India had won 7 out of 8 T20 matches chasing the target. But, batting first, we won only 7 out of 15 matches. That is, a little more than 40 percent. But, after the T20 World Cup, when Rohit took charge of Team India and Rahul Dravid joined as the head coach, our style of playing in T20 changed. The result of this is that even while batting first, the performance of Team India has improved a lot.

Now Team India is winning batting first

Since the World Cup, India has won 12 matches while batting first, while it has lost three. The reason for this is the change in India’s batting approach. Team India scored runs at a run rate of 7.53 in the powerplay from January 2020 till the T20 World Cup. At the same time, batting first after the World Cup, scored 8.95 i.e. about 9 runs per over. At the same time, there has been a change in the pace of scoring runs in the slog over as well. Before the T20 World Cup, India was scoring runs in the last over at the rate of 10.76 runs per over. But, since the T20 World Cup i.e. after Rohit Sharma became the captain, this average has become 11.26. That is, the Indian team is making more than 11 runs in every over in the slog over.

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