How To Eat Dates Fruit To Get Maximum Health Benefits


Dates Fruit eating tips: Dates are extremely nutritious and energy booster. This is the reason that most people consume dates not only in winters but also during fasting. Due to the fiber, natural sugar rich fruits and many nutritious elements, the body gets instant energy after eating dates (Best fruits for instant energy) and hunger disappears along with fatigue. But the biggest problem with dates is that most people make a common mistake while eating it. Due to which many times one has to face stomach infection and other problems.

Eating dates gives so many nutrients

  • protein
  • potassium
  • Copper
  • magnesium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B6
  • fiber
  • carbs
  • Along with these, calories are also available in tremendous quantity by eating dates. When you consume dates, 100 grams of dates give about 277 calories.

right way to eat dates

  • Most people think that dates are fresh and clean. Therefore, after opening the packet, they are consumed directly. Whereas the freshness of a fruit depends on what its shelf file is. Generally, the expiry of 3 to 4 months is written on the packets of dates. In such a situation, you can consume dates till such time before.
  • But no matter how well a date is in its packaging and no matter how expensive it is, you should always wash it before consuming it. It is good to eat dates only after washing them properly. Otherwise, many types of dirt and harmful elements enter the body, which harm the body instead of benefit.
  • Most of the people think that dates come in packing and are packed so well that after taking out they look fresh, as well as they are clinging to each other i.e. it is clean. However this does not happen. This is the reason that many times while eating dates, you feel like soil or sand coming in your mouth.
  • Therefore, remove this misconception from the mind that dates are very clean and when you next consume dates, first put them in water for 1 to 2 minutes and then after rubbing with light hands, running water ( Open the tap and consume them only after washing it under running water.

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