KBC Question: Why did fans bring elephants to the field after winning the first test series in England



An interesting question asked about cricket in KBC
51 years ago Indian fans brought an elephant to the field
How did the arrival of this elephant be auspicious for the Indian team?

In Kaun Banega Crorepati, Amitabh Bachchan asked the contestant sitting in the hot seat that when India won the Test series against England in England for the first time in 1971, which animal Indian fans caught and brought to the field. The answer to this was as interesting as it is, but this incident was equally interesting.

India celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first series win against England in England on 24 August last year. Then the captain of the Indian team was Ajit Wadekar.

The last Test of this Test series between India and England took place at the Oval Cricket Stadium. That day was Thursday. The work that Indian fans did that day was never repeated in any cricket ground.

Now you also know how Indian fans brought elephants on rent that day from Chessington Zoo, located close to the ground. The name of the child of this elephant was Bela. He brought this elephant to the field in the middle of the Oval match. In fact, there was also Ganesh Chaturthi on that day, which made it symbolic to bring an elephant on the field.

When the elephant came on the field, how did it become auspicious?
However, when the Bela elephant was brought on the field in the middle of the field, the Indian team took this thing as auspicious for themselves. The team got more excited by this. Regarding this, the then captain Ajit Wadekar said that then the team manager Hemu Adhikari also felt that the arrival of the elephant on such a special day was important for the team.
It was very good. The team felt that on the day of Ganesh Chaturdashi, Lord Ganesha himself has appeared in front of the team as a good fortune.

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When Bela reached the elephant ground, it was Ganesh Chaturdashi on that day and good luck started with the Indian team.

Wadekar also believed that auspicious signs were happening on that day.
Captain Wadekar had also admitted that such a good coincidence happened with the Indian cricket team that day that it seemed that God was with him. Luck was also completely with the team that day. Earlier, India and England had played two Tests in a draw.

Chandrashekhar had overturned that test
England scored 355 runs in the last test and then India scored 284 runs in reply. In the second innings, spinner Chandrashekhar turned the dice. He took 06 wickets for 38 runs and the England team started troubling. In fact, one hand of Chandrashekhar had been affected by polio since childhood, but even after this, he showed himself as a bowler. With the same hand, he used to throw such googly balls that the opposition team could not spot him. Secondly, a specialty of his bowling was also that he used to deliver very fast balls. Even after being a spinner, his speed was quite good.

The story of the Mill Reef horse is also interesting
Now India got a target of 173 runs to win. Chandrashekhar later told, when he was bowling, Dilip Sardesai shouted from behind to throw the mill reef ball. The story of Mill Reef is also interesting.

Actually there was a horse named Mill Reef in England. Who won all the races in the 1971 Epsom Derby. And his speed was amazing. Chandrasekhar’s spin balls were equally fast, accurate and spinning. He took 242 wickets in 58 Tests.

Fredrik couldn’t do anything
He said later. In that test he wanted to bowl a googly against John Federic but then thought that on the advice of Dilip Sardesai, I should bowl the same ball. In that test, Chandrasekhar dismissed the dangerous batsman John Federic for zero.

India comfortably scored 173 runs needed for victory. Ajit Wadekar, Dilip Sardesai, Gundappa Vishwanath and Farooq Engineer scored well. India won that Test by 4 wickets and won the series for the first time in England.

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