Man Tested Positive For Covid-19 Monkeypox HIV Positive At The Same Time Monkey Pox Corono Case HIV In One Man In Italy First Case Of Monkeypox And Covid Together


First Case Of Covid Monkey Pox and HIV Together: In Italy, a man has been found to be corona, monkeypox and HIV positive simultaneously. According to the report, the man is 36 years old and has recently returned from Spain after a five-day trip. About 9 days after coming back to Italy, symptoms of swelling, fatigue, headache started coming in his throat, after which the report of corona, HIV and monkeypox all three diseases came positive in the test. It has been told in the report that this man had insecure physical relations with a man during the trip. This whole matter is about Catania City, which is a city situated on the East Coast of Sicily, Italy.

A man turned out to be corona, monkeypox and HIV positive together

After returning from a trip to Spain, the symptoms of corona started showing in that person and within 3 days he became Kovid positive. As soon as the corona report came positive, a rash came on the left hand and then in the next few days these rashes spread all over the body, after which he was admitted to the emergency.

Shocking case in Italy

When more tests were done in the hospital, that person turned out to be monkeypox and HIV positive along with Kovid. The infection of HIV was very high and it was also proved in the test that he had this infection recently because last year’s report was negative. This person was discharged from the hospital after about 1 week after recovery from corona and monkeypox.

This is the first such case

This is the first case in which the same person has been simultaneously infected with monkeypox, covid and HIV. This case has also proved that covid and monkeypox can occur together. In the report of this person, the monkeypox swab was found positive even after 20 days, which means that it can still cause infection.

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