Monkeypox Risk For Kids As More Cases In Kids Are Reported Here What Parents Should Know


Symptoms of Monkeypox in Children: You may have saved your child from the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic. Now the danger of monkeypox seems to be hovering over the head. Still not everyone in India is aware of the information about monkeypox. Let us tell you that the way these new diseases are spreading slowly among the people, which is a matter of concern, you should be fully aware about it. If you will be deprived of these information, then how will you be able to keep your children away from them.

Today we are giving you information related to Monkeypox. So that you can protect your children. Actually small children have no understanding of these viruses. They do not know how to protect themselves from these diseases, so it is important that you know these signs and changes in your children which can be the symptoms of monkeypox in children.

What is the danger of monkeypox in children
Let us tell you that monkeypox virus is a type of genetic disease that spreads rapidly. The most victims of this are children, elderly and people whose immunity is weak. At the same time, the WHO says that serious cases are usually seen in children only. The danger of this virus is related to age, health and condition etc. According to a report, the risk of monkeypox is higher in children and those people who are victims of bacterial super infection, sepsis, keratitis, respiratory diseases due to pharyngeal abscess, besides pneumonia.

keep an eye on symptoms
During monkeypox, you will see the initial symptoms like flu. On the other hand, in children, you can feel them by seeing symptoms like general fever, severe headache, back pain, muscle pain and lethargy and rashes in the body.
You will see rashes in the body on the third day of fever. You can also see the marks of these rashes on the oral tissue, palms of the hands, soles of the feet and private parts. The number of rashes or lesions may vary.

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