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Protein Requirement For Kids: If children do not get the right amount of protein, then their physical development can be affected and they can become underweight and short height according to age. There are many plant base and non-veg sources of protein, but the problem is that children do not like protein-rich food. The child if the vegetarian has less options left for him and he does not get complete protein. Lack of protein can have a bad effect on the growth of children. If you also want to give the right protein to the children, then try these options once.

1- Chicken and fish- 200 grams of chicken contains about 40-50 grams of protein. If the child eats non-veg, then feed him by making his favorite dish of chicken. Children sometimes prefer chicken lollipops instead of chicken curry. Fish can also be given to children for protein.

2- Do feed the egg- There is 6 to 7 grams of protein in an egg, so children who can eat eggs, feed them one egg every day. There are many forms of egg feeding, which should be included in the diet of the child in a way that suits him.

3- Pulses- Protein is found in good quantity in all pulses, especially moong and chana dal have the highest protein. Up to 24 grams of protein is found in 1 bowl of lentils. Although children sometimes do not like to eat lentils. In this case, dal paratha is an option.

4- Cheese- There are 38 grams of paneer in 200 grams. The child may not eat 200 grams in a day, but 100 grams of cottage cheese can easily be eaten, in which he will get 19-20 grams of protein. Most children also like cheese, so feed them a dish made of paneer or cheese.

5- Milk- There is about 8 grams of protein in 1 glass of milk. 3- At least 2 glasses of milk must be included in the diet of the child for 10 years. Make a habit of feeding 2 glasses of milk to the children even if they are reluctant.

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