These Foods Affect Your Heart Health


Heart Attack In modern times, due to wrong diet and lifestyle, the risk of heart-related diseases is increasing in people very much. Heart failure usually starts due to high cholesterol. Because of this, there is a risk of blockage in the veins, in such a situation, a lot of effort has to be made to reach the blood to the heart. Apart from this, the risk of many other problems such as heart attack, coronary artery disease and triple vessel disease is also very high. Let us know which things affect the heart more?

Avoid these things for heart health

smoking and alcohol

If you smoke and consume more alcohol, then it has a different effect on your lungs and liver. Apart from this, due to this, the heart also has an effect. Those who smoke and consume more alcohol are at risk of serious diseases like high BP, heart failure. In such a situation, if you have this bad habit, then leave it today.

drink soft drinks

Many times we consume cold drinks to make ourselves feel refreshed. Cold drinks contain a high amount of soda, which can harm your heart. If you consume cold-drinks or soft drinks daily, then the risk of heart disease can increase manifold.

Oily foods affect the heart

There are many types of food in our country. A lot of oil and spices are used in the food of many states. At the same time, some people are fond of consuming fried things. If you also like oily foods a lot, then leave this habit from today itself. Consuming high amounts of oily foods increases the risk of heart disease.

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