What Is The Health Benefit Of Charoli In Hindi


Health News Chironji is used by most of the people in Kheer or to decorate any dish. The way you consume cashews and almonds, you hardly do chironji. Due to the properties present in it, you can also consume it like other dry fruits. This will bring many benefits to the body. The properties present in chironji can be effective in reducing weight along with removing digestive problems. Apart from this, it can help you to overcome many diseases. Let us know about the benefits of Chironji-

Can remove physical weakness

Chironji is considered beneficial to remove the weakness of the body. The protein, calcium and vitamins present in it provide strength to the body. To consume it, before sleeping at night, mix 1 teaspoon of chironji in 1 glass of milk and drink it. This will give a lot of benefits.

strengthen digestion

Chironji can be effective in increasing the strength of digestion. It can improve digestion. You can consume it with khichdi, daliya and upma. This can be very beneficial.

headache relief

You can consume chironji to remove the problem of headache. To use it in headache, grind chironji with 1 teaspoon of milk. Now apply it on your head and leave it for some time. This will reduce the problem of headache.

cough relief

Consumption of chironji can be beneficial to get relief from cough. To consume it, grind 1 teaspoon of honey and lick it. By consuming it regularly, you can get relief from cough.

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